3 Longest Narrow Gauge Railway in the World

A narrow-gauge railway refers to those kinds of the railway with a much narrower gauge than the standard size. Majority of the narrow gauge railways often range between 600 mm and 1,067 mm. Since they are constructed with smaller structure, narrow-gauge railways are often cheaper to build and to equip. Therefore, the majority of railway constructors find it easy to make a more extended gauge which can serve up to long distances. The following are some of the three longest narrow-gauge in the world.

Kanyakumari Jammu Tawi Railway

This railway is sometimes known as Himsagar Express. It is the longest narrow gauge railway in the world covering up to about 3, 715 kilometers or 2,308 miles. The rail runs from Kanyamukari to Jammu in the states of Jammu and Kashmir in India. For you to cover the entire distance, you will have to take a minimum of 68 hours. The trail passes through some substations such as New Delhi, Nagpur, and Himsagar. The railway line passes through different valleys as well as beautiful valleys that are fascinating to watch. The Indian government built this rail in 1979. It was purposefully constructed to enhance trade as well as transport people from one point to the other.

Kangra Valley Railway

This is the second-longest narrow railway line in the world and is found within the sub-Himalayan region in India. The rail covers a distance of 164 kilometers/ 101 miles stretching from Punjab to Himachal Pradesh.
This railway line was constructed during the British colonial era in 1929. Besides, this long rail track forms a great lifeline for the majority of rural areas. In the old days, the steam engine was used to ferry people as well as international tourists from one destination to the other. Traveling using Kangra Railway often gives a historical experience to tourists. Also, it provides an opportunity for them to view some of the beautiful sceneries amid the plain valley such as the Dhaulathar ranges. This rail gauge meanders through a maze of hills and valleys as well as numerous tunnels.

Kalka Shimla Railway.

This is one of the most ancient narrow railways that is still in operation until today. The railway which is located in India’s mountainous northern state is currently the third-longest narrow gauge railway covering a total distance of 60 miles. The hilly region makes the rail to pass through a series of over 100 tunnels and over 800 bridges. Besides, over 900 incredible curves are making it one of the most captivating railway routes in the world.
Built by the British in 1903, the narrow gauge railway stretches through the longest tunnel covering more than a kilometer in length. However, when traveling using the train, its speed is usually restricted to avoid accidents from occurring. Also, the trail passes through a variety of terrains and steep gradients, which makes it fascinating.
Apart from two passenger trains, three regular tourist trains are using the railway. These tourist trains run from Kalka to Shimla hence the name Kalka-Shimla railway – read article on denver to cripple creek.

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